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A pegmatite is an igneous rock, formed underground, with interlocking crystals usually larger than 2.5 cm in size (1 in). Most pegmatites are found in sheets of rock (dikes and veins) near large masses of igneous rocks called batholiths.

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Pegmatite Mineral information, data and localities.

Most grains are 1 cm or more in diameter. Although pegmatites having gross compositions similar to other rock types are known, their composition is generally that of granite the composition may be simple or complex and may include rare minerals rich in such elements as lithium, boron, fluorine, niobium, tantalum, uranium, and rare earths.

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PEGMATITE is a common plutonic rock, of variable texture and coarseness, that is composed of interlocking crystals of widely different sizes. The most spectacular pegmatites contain abnormally large crystals mixed with medium sized and smaller crystals. Crystals up to

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PegmatiteBlack Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park (U

Pegmatite is abundant throughout the 48 mile canyon, and is found in the form of stripes on the cliffs as well as large bodies. The largest of these are found upstream from East Portal, but some outcrops are surprisingly close to the edge, such as the Kneeling Camel on the north rim of the canyon.

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Aug 08, 2011 · A special granitic rock that generally is intruded into older formations. Very slow cooling with large crystals.

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Pegmatite Igneous RockPictures, Definition & More

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Pegmatite rock Britannica

Pegmatite, almost any wholly crystalline igneous rock that is at least in part very coarse grained, the major constituents of which include minerals typically found in ordinary igneous rocks and in which extreme textural variations, especially in grain size, are characteristic. Giant crystals,

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Beryl-bearing Pegmatites in the Ruby Mountains and Other

BERYL-BEARING PEGMATITES IN THE RUBY MOUNTAINS AND OTHER AREAS IN NEVADA AND NORTHWESTERN ARIZONA By JERRY C. OLSON and E. NEAL HINRICHS ABSTRACT Pegmatite occurs widely in Nevada and northwestern Arizona, but little mining has been done for such pegmatite minerals as mica, feldspar, beryl, and lepidolite.

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Mawi pegmatite, Nilaw-Kolum pegmatite field, Du Ab

Mawi pegmatite, Nilaw-Kolum pegmatite field, Du Ab District, Nuristan, Afghanistan A gem pegmatite. Located in the Mawi valley, a small western branch of the Kolum valley. NOTE The USGS report lists wrong coordinates for this locality.

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The term "pegmatite" was first introduced in 1801 by the French scientist R. J. Haüy to designate graphic, or Hebraic, granite, a frequently encountered structural variety of pegmatite. Pegmatites sometimes occur as pocket-like inclusions in the intrusive parent rock into which they grade marginally.

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